About Us

Hannah & Tyler Sears

DIY Studio’s owner Hannah and her husband Tyler moved to Thunder Bay 5 years ago. When they came to realize Thunder Bay’s obvious love and passion for creativity and the arts, it was a no brainer for them to open a shop that they had grown accustom to on the East Coast. Hannah and Tyler were excited to reignite Thunder Bay’s rich history of ceramic arts that has been dormant for so long. With a passion to bring the arts to the finger tips of the creative and non-creative alike, they want to create a warm, welcoming environment for people to unplug, destress and create a masterpiece that can stay with them forever.

We really believe that not only is creativity a fun experience but also really good for the mind and soul! So many studies have found that creativity can help improve mental health and even improve your mood.

As local business owners, partnering with as many other local creatives and artisans as possible has become a priority and value. “Local partnerships has and will continue to be a huge part of DIY Studio’s identity. As much as we want our customers to create for themselves, we want to in-turn help those who have become so skilled as to be able to monetize their creativity. Whether it be in the arts, food industry, or elsewhere, partnership and cross-business promotion is the best way we can further our community and city.”

DIY Studio is truly a family run business. While painting at the studio it is very possible that you will catch a glimpse of Hannah and Tyler’s daughter Florence and her fiery red hair and personality. If you’re really lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of their fur baby, Kaija. Another ball of energy, she leaves no person un-greeted.